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Marriage and Relationship Therapy

Conflict is a normal part of being a couple. However, all of us need to feel loved, understood, and respected by the people we are close to, and conflict in these relationships can undermine our emotional security. Conflict becomes destructive when needs are not expressed or when they are expressed in ways that criticize, blame, or belittle the partner. Couples therapy can give you and your partner the opportunity to discuss and resolve issues you may be experiencing in your relationship. This can include a variety of relational aspects such as understanding roles in the relationship, understanding each other’s perspective, improving communication skills, conflict resolution, strengthening friendship and attachment, identifying and transforming dysfunctional behaviours and improving relationship satisfaction. Couples who resolve conflicts constructively strengthen their relationships over time by improving intimacy and trust. Constructive strategies include stating opinions and needs clearly and calmly listening to and attempting to understand the partner’s point of view. Couples therapy offers a safe space to facilitate authentic conversations. As couples, when we communicate more effectively, we can explore deep rooted issues and past wounds that may exist. In this process, we gain a deeper understanding of our partners, learn how to support each other through life’s challenges and create a relationship rooted in authenticity, acceptance, and connection. Our therapists can help you alter how you and your partner relate to one another, and create healthier patterns for dealing with conflict and communication.

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