CMHR Mental Health and Wellness Consulting Services

– Customized Workplace Mental Health program development and implementation –

Overview of Programs

- Corporate Mental Health and Wellness

The Corporate workplace environment is evolving and mental health issues in the workplace have become more prevalent. Employers are finding it difficult to recruit and retain a productive workforce. Employee absenteeism, presenteeism, short /long-term disability claims, toxic workplace culture and low morale are driving diminished bottom lines for many businesses and corporations. Low morale, poor workplace culture and low productivity can occur if employee mental health issues in the workplace are not addressed.

Workplace mental health consultants at Concepts in Mental Health and Resilience can help employers develop an effective employee mental health and wellness program tailored to the workplace environment. Our services employee/workplace assessment, program strategies/implementation/evaluation, creating mental health policy for the workplace, and providing workshops, presentations, and much more!

Customize a workplace mental health program from our service menu below or see our Consulting Programs page for our workplace mental health programs.

CMHR Services:

  • Workplace environment mental health assessment
  • Health Screening Assessments
  • Mental health screening assessments
  • Psychological Health and Safety Programs for the Workplace
  • Development and implementation of mental health strategy and policy for the workplace
  • Employee Wellness program, implementation and evaluation
  • Return to Work Program
  • Health Screening Assessments
  • Mental health screening assessments
  • Psychiatrist referral program
  • Psychotherapy and counselling services in person/online
  • Employee Mental Health and Wellness presentations, workshops and education
  • Ongoing workplace mental health program support
  • CMHR e-Learning library
  • Mental health resources
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Workplace Mental Health Program Overview

Consulting Services Menu

– Customized Workplace Mental Health program development and implementation

Consulting Programs

Consulting Programs

Consulting Services

  • Mental Health and Wellness Risk Assessment/Analysis/Recommendations
  • Workplace Mental Health Strategy and Policy
  • Employee Mental Health and Wellness Program, Implementation, Evaluation
  • Return to Work Program
  • Mental Health and Wellness Presentations, Workshops, Seminars
  • Psychotherapy and Mental Health Counselling Services
Consulting Services

Health Screening Assessments

  • Workplace Cultural Assessment
  • Physical Assessment
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Safety Assessment
  • Psychosocial Assessment
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring/Clinic
  • Psychiatrist Program
Health Screening Assessments

Employee Health Education

  • Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention
  • Employee Stress aand Burn Out Prevention
  • Stop the Stigma Mental Health Awareness
  • Addiction Education
  • Tobacco-cessation program
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Work/life balance
  • Employee Mental health and Well-being: Truths and Myths About Mental Health and Mental Illness
Individual Online Counselling

* Packages are customized based on mental health/wellness risk assessment and tailored to your employee's needs.

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Presentations & Workshops

– Customized Presentations and Workshops tailored to your specific business needs

Customized to Specific Work Environments
Individual Online Counselling
Workplace Mental Health Strategy, Policy, Implementation & Support
Policies and Procedures
Employee Stress Reduction & Burnout Prevention Presentation
Employee Stress Reduction & Burnout Prevention Presentation
Finding Work - Life Balance Presentation
Work - Life Balance Presentation

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